Rescuing pets with $100 hamburgers

12:31 PM, Feb 1, 2009   |    comments
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"You know they are great companions, they're always there to greet you, they're always happy to see you," says Boyd.

Flying with Madison is a way for Boyd to combine two of his favorite things. "Well, you know I enjoy flying and like most pilots will find just about any reason to go flying that they can."

Many general aviation pilots take off on weekends for flights to keep their flying skills sharp, their planes running well and to enjoy Colorado's skies.

"These people go do what's called a $100 hamburger, which is just simply fly someplace, have lunch and come back and so that's how the hamburger becomes $100," said Boyd.

Boyd has found something better than a $100 hamburger.

He is part of a national program called PilotsNPaws. It connects pilots with dogs in need of adoption.

The pilots work together to shuttle the dogs to locations where they can be adopted. Without the program, many of the dogs would be euthanized.

On his most recent rescue, Boyd flew to Hastings, Nebraska to pick up two lab mix puppies and an adult Labrador retriever.

All three dogs were scheduled to be euthanized before an animal rescue group located the dogs and contacted PilotsNPaws.

Mike flew the dogs back to Colorado where members of Retriever Rescue of Colorado will take them and work to find them homes.

"We're bringing them out of a situation where they were in a shelter scheduled to be euthanized. We were able to pull them out of a situation and bring them someplace where they can find loving homes."

Boyd says handing the dogs over to the rescuers is a great feeling and that he does this, "because it is a thousand times better than a $100 hamburger stop."

If you want more information about PilotsNPaws you can go their website at

If you are interested in adopting a dog from Retriever Rescue of Colorado, you can go their website at


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