Governor's Mansion draped in toilet paper

10:35 AM, Nov 27, 2009   |    comments
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Gov. Bill Ritter (D-Colorado) and First Lady Jeannie Ritter were awake shortly after dawn Thursday morning looking up at numerous rolls of toilet paper hanging from trees in their yard.

"I still have two kids at home that are teenagers," the governor said right before he went on a morning bike ride. "It could well be that they have been honored with being teepeed. It's very likely it involves high school students but we won't mention what their party affiliation might be."

The Ritter family's four kids are staying at the mansion Thanksgiving weekend with the older two sons back from college. Before starting to clean some of it up, the First Lady also laughingly dismissed any concept that it was a political statement. Others guessed if the home had been egged or soaped, then the culprits would have been playing politics.

"I've got way too many high school kids coming in and out of here to think this is a political statement," Mrs. Ritter said. "Actually, political statements are made with a different kind of paper."

The 1908 Georgian revival home, officially known as the Governor's Residence at Boettcher Mansion, has been the personal residence of every Colorado First Family since the early 1960's.

It is located at the corner of Logan and East 8th Avenue in Denver. The Ritters have four kids: August, Abe, Sam and Tally. The younger two still live with their parents.

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