Local medical workers prepare for Haiti

3:39 PM, Jan 16, 2010   |    comments
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This weekend, The Children's Hospital nurse Emily Muggli and pediatric surgeon Jennifer Bruny will go to Haiti.

They are taking supplies donated by Children's Hospital.

Volunteers spent Friday night taking inventory and loading up supplies.

They say that despite all of the news coverage, there are still a lot of unknowns.

"I really don't know exactly what we're going to come in to. As they still continue to pull people out for the rubble, as they still continue to have patients, and they still have no access to care, people are dying from simple lacerations and simple fractures," Muggli said. "So if we can intervene at an earlier point then that, before they get to a higher level of care, we can prevent a lot of those deaths just by cleaning and bandaging and getting them into the proper areas kind of triaging them out from there."

Alaska Airlines has partnered with American Airlines to donate 2 million miles to get the team down to Haiti and then back home.

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