Lawmakers name ‘Rocky Mountain High’ second state song

10:14 AM, Mar 13, 2007   |    comments
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State lawmakers voted today to make John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High" a co-state song, joining the song "Where the Columbines Grow".

Democratic Senator Bob Hagedorn of Aurora says the song has been an unofficial state song for many years and it's the way many people around the world first learn about Colorado.

The move comes nearly 10 years after Denver died in a plane crash near Monterey California.

While Hagedorn says some people believe the song is about drug use he says he doesn't think that it is.

Nineteen of the state's 100 lawmakers voted against the measure. Senator Dave Schultheis says if people don't like the first state song, which was written in 1915, they should vote to get rid of it instead of naming a second one.

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