Golfer airlifted to hospital due to snake bite

8:06 PM, Jul 6, 2007   |    comments
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The West Metro Fire Department says paramedics found a man with two snake bites above his ankle just after 5 p.m.

He was airlifted to Littleton Adventist Hospital due to his serious condition and the distance he was from anywhere accessible to an ambulance.

Authorities say the golfer had been playing on the sixth hole when he went to get his ball from the grass just off the green. He was bitten in ankle deep grass.

This is the second serious rattlesnake bite that West Metro Firefighters have responded to in less than a week in the south Jefferson County area. Firefighters remind those out hiking, golfing and just walking to be aware of your environment.

If you are bit by a rattlesnake you should get away from it as quickly as possible and get immediate medical attention. Medical attention for a rattlesnake bite should occur in less than two hours.

Other basic first aid measures are:

• Reduce your activity and calm yourself if you are bitten so that you slow your heart and blood circulation.
• Remove tight fitting jewelry or clothing from the bitten extremity.
• If medical care is more than 30 minutes away apply a bandage wrap 2 to 4 inches above the bite. This is not a tourniquet – it should not stop the flow of blood. The band should allow for one finger to slip under it.
• Irrigate and clean the wound.
• Never cut the bite wound area as this increases the damage to the tissue.
• Never try to suck out the venom as it can contaminate the individual through the mouth, especially if there are cut present.
• Cool compresses can be applied but do not apply ice directly to the wound.
• Use a cell phone to contact 911 and get emergency medical personnel to your location.

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