TRUTH TEST: Ad goes digging for dirt against Coors

6:31 PM, Oct 18, 2012   |    comments
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Throughout the 2012 political season, 9NEWS will hold those who run political ads on our networks accountable for what they say.

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This ad comes from the re-election campaign of Democratic incumbent Ed Perlmutter and it contains a great example of digging up dirt.

CLAIM: In Coors' past, he called AIDS "God's punishment of homosexuals."

This is true, but it's up to you to decide how much weight to give it. Coors held this position about a quarter-century ago.

You can get the full context from Perlmutter's source, a 1988 Los Angeles Times article, which included this information:

Moreover, [Joe Coors] added, until only recently he also committed the sin of arrogance, of being personally judgmental. He believed, he says, looking ashamed of himself, that AIDS was God's special retribution to gays.

While he still considered homosexuality a "sin" in 1988, at that time, Coors regretted having believed that AIDS was some sort of divine punishment.

"Most people can relate to having a stupid thought years ago," Coors campaign representative Michelle Yi said. Joe admits that it was a stupid thing to think, corrected his thinking at that time, and does not hold that belief today."

To the larger issue, there is a clear distinction between the two candidates when it comes to gay rights.

In a recent 9NEWS / Denver Post debate, Coors said that he did not support President Obama's view that gay marriage should be legalized. Perlmutter answered that he did support that position.

CLAIM: Joe Coors opposes abortion, even for rape victims
VERDICT: Arguable

As we have discussed in a previous Truth Test in this race, Coors gave financial support to the 2010 "Personhood" amendment, which aimed to ban abortions in Colorado and included no exceptions for cases of rape or incest.

He now says he would not support further efforts to enact "Personhood" laws, and that he is pro-life but supports exceptions for rape and incest.

CLAIM: Coors lost millions on a get-rich-quick scheme.

Coors and a partner invested $40 million in a fund that was targeted in a scam.

In the recent debate, Coors did not dispute that the investment promised a rather outlandish 75 percent weekly return, though he did add that the rest of the people involved with the family trust signed off on the investment.

He also pointed out that by cooperating with authorities; the fraudsters were brought to justice.

CLAIM: The Wall Street Journal and Fox News called Joe Coors "steeped in greed."

The quote is accurate, but it's misleading to attribute it to the Wall Street Journal or Fox News.

Those two organizations ran a syndicated column from Dow Jones Newswires written by Al Lewis that contains the quote above.

BOTTOM LINE: This ad points to some true things about Coors' past, but it doesn't give you the full context.

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