Tombstones become equipped with technology

10:20 AM, Jun 29, 2011   |    comments
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"The possibility that many people can make sure that your story, the story of your life and your contributions and your ancestors, lives on is huge," Curt Witcher, manager of Indiana's Allen County Genealogy Center, said.

It's now possible thanks to a new device called a memory medallion.

It's a small granite disk with an RFID microchip that attaches directly to a tombstone.

Just use your phone or computer to enter the URL and six-digit code and learn about the deceased person's life, genealogy, pictures, video, and even a map with the grave's location.

"There's space for all kinds of data, and we know it'll only get better. One of the neat things from a consumer point of view is that the price continues to drop," Ron Stanley of R&T Monuments said. "Headstones or monuments just have a name and a date. Now there is a choice."

"I see in the future, many genealogists, and even non-genealogists that just want to leave something of themselves for their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren, I see it really catching on as something that can live on after you're gone," Witcher said.

The applications can extend far beyond a cemetery.

Imagine them on monuments, landmarks, in museums and at libraries.

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