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Man salvages, repairs bikes, turns them into Christmas presents

1:48 PM, Dec 2, 2011   |    comments
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"I need to be needed, and I'm needed here. I fill an empty place and I feel good about it," Frank Campbell said.

Campbell has been filling the empty place for nine years. The World War II Veteran has found a calling to repair broken bicycles and give them away for free.

"There's a whole lot of kids in this town who did not have bikes," Campbell said.

On most days you can find Frank tinkering away in his garage. Over 300 broken bikes have been given a second chance from his steady hands. Rusty chains, warped wheels and cracked frames, things that most people view as useless. Frank knows they can still serve a purpose.

"There's such a scarcity of bikes that I spend a lot of time and effort getting them cleaned up so it's worth giving away again," he said.

And give them away he does, either to the non-profit organization, Love INC, or by leaving them on the sidewalk in front of his house for the taking. When a free bike is taken, Frank fills that empty place too, with another free bike.

"Well, after starting on nine years, there's not very many kids left in town but what they've got an old used bike of some kind," Frank said. "That gives me a sense of accomplishment. I feel good about it."

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