Skateboarding goat earns spot in Guinness Book of World Records

11:42 AM, Aug 8, 2012   |    comments
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Melody Cooke realized her goat had a special talent early on.

"She figured out how to get on and then I was just like, 'Whoa, this is amazing,'" said Cooke. "My goat can skateboard, let me see how far I can go with this."

It turns out she could go 118 feet with it.

The record skate lasted 25 seconds, and ended when the skateboard hit a parking block.

The whole time, Happie was waiting for her prize - food.

Cooke believes Happie could've gone even farther into the record books if the parking block wasn't there.

"I definitely think she could've, but I just wanted to capture that moment and send it to Guinness World Records, because I wasn't sure if they were even going to do it," said Cooke.

But they did.

Six months later they sent her a spiffy certificate in the mail, with Happie's name as a world record holder.

Cooke says there are other reasons why she pulled out the video camera.

"Especially with all of the tragic things that have been occurring recently, I just felt it was nice to show something fun and inspiring," said Cooke.

Inspiring enough, she adds, to tackle new challenges and tricks.

"I plan on making more fun and creative videos and see how far we can go with this," said Cooke.

Maybe making it 119 feet.

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