Tossing fruitcakes: A holiday tradition

7:02 PM, Jan 1, 2013   |    comments
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As the holiday season winds down in Nebraska, like many states, they have an excess of fruitcakes. Many people receive them as gifts, but few people seem to eat them.

So, Ponca, Neb. is the latest place to start tossing them. It was a very popular event at the city's Winterfest this weekend.

Men, women and children took part in the fruitcake fling.

A local park superintendent came up with the idea because he's not a fan of the holiday treat.

"Everybody has fruitcakes and a lot of people don't like them, including myself," Jeff Fields, the park superintendent, said. "Not that I"m against them, but we thought, well, let's do a fruitcake fling."

The person who won first place at the fruitcake fling was surprised that he won. 

"I didn't know what to expect," Jim LaPierre, the first-place winner, said. "When I saw the fruitcake, I thought, maybe I'd be able to grip it a little better than it was, but it was very hard. Luckily, I took my gloves off. If they had laces on the fruitcake, it would have been much better."

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