Farmer says his tipsy turkeys taste better

8:33 AM, Nov 8, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - Beer lovers might cringe at this. Buckets of suds being poured into a trough, all for the consumption of a bunch of turkeys. It's enough to make your feathers ruffle. 

For New Hampshire turkey farmer Joe Morette, it all started as an accident 20 years ago. "At the end of the day, the guys helping me out, we'd sit down and go over a bill of materials, what we needed, and of course, a beer," Morette said.

"One guy put his beer down next to the fence and noticed the turkeys were coming over and drinking, and knocked it over."
Morette went as far as to stop giving his flock water, and that's when he made another discovery. When it came time for the toms to become turkey dinners they tasted better.

"Oh, yeah, it's noticeable. It's not a strong, gamey flavor, it's a nice turkey flavor," he explained. Morette thinks the birds get a little fatter and juicier because of the beer. But one expert isn't convinced the beer would make that much of a difference.

"I don't see why it couldn't have some effect on the flavor. as far as juiciness goes, that i think has as much to do with how you cook it," according to Carl Majewski, University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension expert. 

So what beer goes best with poultry? Morette started out giving them Coors, but later switched to lager. "Yeah, figuring that the beer's good for our bellies and all this good stuff, make 'em grow," Morette said. But these birds only have a few more weeks of binge drinking, before they have to go cold turkey.

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