Free parking meters in Downtown Denver this weekend

12:41 PM, Jul 4, 2009   |    comments
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All Denver parking meters will be free from Friday through Sunday as all meter fees are waived on all city-recognized holidays as well as on Sundays.

Anyone needing to meet with the parking magistrate or the parking cashier counters should act quickly to meet any necessary deadlines. Both the magistrate and the counters at the Wellington Webb Building will be closed Friday.

Parking citations may also be paid using the pay by phone system with a Mastercard or Visa. Dial 1-866-280-9988 and follow the recorded steps, or online at Denver Public Works says to remember that you will need the citation number printed on the ticket when using the pay by phone system or making an online payment.

Additionally, the Wastewater Management Building and its customer service/permit counters will also be closed on Friday.

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