Another 9 percent tuition hike proposed for Colorado colleges

7:10 PM, Oct 10, 2009   |    comments
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If that happens, it would come on top of overall 9 percent increases for state residents this school year and 2008-09 hikes of 9.5 percent at research institutions, 7.5 percent at four-year colleges and 5 percent at community colleges.

Looking back over a longer period is even more sobering. According to a Department of Higher Education report, "The largest percentage increases over the last 10 years [1998-99 to 2008-09] have occurred at the research institutions, ranging from 93 percent at Colorado State University to 237 percent at CU-Boulder for the business program. At four-year colleges, increases over 10 years have ranged from 56 percent at Metro State to 181 percent at Mesa State, with community colleges at 47 percent." (Note: Mesa officials report that the actual increase over the period was 100 percent.)

Tuition hikes for out-of-state undergrads and graduate students have been even steeper. Colleges generally are allowed to set those rates as high as the market will bear.

A primary driver of higher tuition has been declining state tax-dollar support for public colleges and universities.

The 9 percent recommendation for 2010-11 was made Thursday by the Colorado Commission on Higher Education but is not the last word on the subject. The commission is proposing the 9 percent be an average within institutions or systems, with boards of trustees having flexibility to set different rates for individual programs.

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