New show addresses DIA conspiracy theory

1:47 PM, Dec 17, 2009   |    comments
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Along with a team of investigators, Ventura goes in-depth in tackling conspiracy theories, about everything from a 9/11 cover-up to secret societies to motives behind global warming awareness.

Ventura says they are simply asking the questions, from a side that is not heard from as often.

"You always hear the other side. We're giving you the conspiracy side. We're coming forward with evidence and we're leaving it up to you, the viewer, to decide," Ventura explained.

Ventura even says there is much to uncover here in the Mile High City, too. He explains that in Denver "there's something underneath that new airport." By this, he is referring to the infamous conspiracy theories about Denver International Airport possibly being the site of a New World Order organization.

"...I'll tell you, it's a strange airport," Ventura said.

Ventura cites a dedication plaque at Denver International Airport as being evidence of the conspiracy. His concern is not the presence of the governor's name or other prominent officials (such as former Denver mayor Federico Peña) that are listed on the plaque.

"But on the bottom, it says the New World Airport Commission. That doesn't exist. You can't find it. Why wouldn't it say the Colorado Airport Commission, the Denver Airport Commission, or maybe the county? But it has the words, New World Airport Commission, right on the dedicated plaque, and there is no such thing as the New World Airport Commission," Ventura explained.

In 2007, Denver's Westword reported that the New World Airport Commission was in-fact a real organization originally part of organizing the airport's opening celebrations, but is now defunct.

The conspiracy theory at DIA goes beyond the plaque. Some theorists believe there are strange underground happenings beneath the airport, literally.

"You learn that they moved more dirt than they did for the Panama Canal (during construction)," Ventura explained.

However, according to DIA's official web site, only 110 million cubic yards of earth were displaced in the airport construction. The airport says that number is only one-third the amount of dirt moved during the development of the Panama Canal. More official facts about the airport can be read here (  

Ventura also finds the fact that the airport construction went billions of dollars over budget, as more evidence of strange happenings.

"Clearly there's something there other than just an airport, wouldn't you think?" Ventura questioned.

Viewers can decide for themselves by watching the show, which airs on Wednesday evenings on truTV. Check your local listings for exact timings or visit:

A long-time native of Minneapolis, Ventura was Governor of Minnesota under a third-party, for one term. Before politics, he was involved in the Vietnam War as a Navy SEAL. No stranger to being in front of the camera, Ventura has had a number of acting gigs and also been in pro wrestling. He has authored four books, including "Don't Start The Revolution Without Me!" and "I Ain't Got Time to Bleed."

9NEWS Intern and CU Boulder student Vignesh Ramachandran contributed to this story.

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