Finding help for Haiti orphanage

7:16 PM, Jan 17, 2010   |    comments
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That's the concern now at the Bresma Orphanage in Port-au-Prince.

While everyone survived the initial quake, the orphans and their caretakers have been living in the courtyard of their building; they're afraid the damaged orphanage might be unsafe.

Denver resident Suzie Moore and her friend, Suzanne Schmidt, have both been going through the process to adopt a child from Haiti.

Sunday they met with some other friends at Schmidt's Boulder home to try to help.

"This is day four of having our team of workers either here or at somebody else's house all doing legwork with their computers," Schmidt said.

The adopting mothers are contacting every legislator, security expert and military service member they can think of.

"The security situation is really dire," Schmidt said.

"We want every child to get out," Moore said, "because if these kids are in an orphanage, there's no one to take care of them anyway."

Sunday afternoon, the women did get some good news. An e-mail said five children should be able to fly out on Monday, and a phone call suggested more could be able to leave Haiti soon.

While this is some great news, Moore and Schmidt won't relax until their sons are in their arms.

If anyone wants to help the Bresma Orphanage, they can contact Suzanne Schmidt and Suzie Moore for more information at

About 40 Colorado families are now waiting to adopt children from Haiti.

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