School shooting suspect's father says he was hearing voices

11:30 PM, Feb 23, 2010   |    comments
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  • A picture of Bruco Eastwood from a 1992 Deer Creek Middle School yearbook.

"I feel bad he affected other people's lives," War Eagle Eastwood said from his Weld County ranch. "I can't believe he did this."

"My heart fell out of me," he said when investigators called to tell him his son had been arrested.

War Eagle Eastwood says it was his gun his son used in the shooting. It was a Winchester .30-06. It was a bolt-action rifle, which means the shooter has to pull back the bolt and eject the last shell fired before loading another round.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said Tuesday night investigators are not sure what connection Bruco Eastwood had with Deer Creek Middle School. However, 9NEWS has obtained a 1992 yearbook picture of a boy named "Bruco Eastwood" from Deer Creek. The sheriff's department could not confirm whether their suspect attended the school

War Eagle Eastwood told 9Wants to Know reporter Deborah Sherman in an interview Tuesday night that his son has not been well recently. Wareagle Eastwood believes his son has psychological problems but admits he has never been professionally diagnosed.

"He hears voices," War Eagle Eastwood said.

He theorized the voices were telling him to go to the school.

Bruco Eastwood has lived with his father on the ranch for the past five years.

War Eagle Eastwood told 9Wants to Know his son was working as a ranch hand on his property, doing jobs like feeding the horses. His dad says Bruco Eastwood had not been doing his chores lately and did not have permission to use the gun.

His father says Bruco Eastwood was writing a book about his life. War Eagle Eastwood has agreed to give Bruco Eastwood's writings to detectives.

War Eagle Eastwood says his never graduated from high school and has spent the past two years trying to get his GED. He says failing the GED test seemed to depress him.

9Wants to Know has learned Bruco Eastwood has a lengthy criminal history of charges, including assault, domestic violence and DUI. Click here to see his full criminal history.

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In 2005, The Rocky Mountain News reported that Bruco Eastwood was part of a NASA-funded medical study. Click here to read that story.

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