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Local teen wins national NCAA tournament bracket

6:52 AM, Apr 7, 2010   |    comments
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Brittany Goshia looks like a promising young track star at Mead Middle School, but her real superpowers extend beyond the track and basketball court to her living room couch.

"I started watching basketball in February to see what I thought about the teams, and who would win and go far," Brittany said.

In March, Brittany's mom signed up for a bracket online.

"My mom set up an account and told me I can pick out whatever I wanted," the teen said smiling.

At the end of the first round, Brittany ranked 320,365.

After the second round, she was in the top 7,400.

Then it was 80th place, and then sixth place.

After the semi-finals, Brittany was in first, and because she picked Duke, Brittany held on to the first spot.

So the question for everyone who had an embarrassing bracket this year is: how did Brittany do it?

"I definitely looked at the rankings and who really had the potential to go, like Butler was on their winning streak, so I thought they'd keep that up for a while, but Duke was my favorite so I knew they'd beat them out," Brittany said.

"She studies quite a bit in school, she's a good student," Brittany's father, Steve Goshia, said.

Some sports fanatics will spend hours and even days tweaking their March Madness brackets. Brittany says she only spent 30 minutes choosing her winners.

Brittany did not pick every game right. She was fooled by a few teams, including Kansas.

"They should have probably gone farther," Brittany said.

In the end, Brittany had the highest point total in the country.

"A lot of my friends were really excited, and some of them were jealous," the 13-year-old said laughing.

So what about that grand prize $58,000 car mentions on their bracket Web site?

Brittany thought it could be hers.

"Then I started looking at the fine print and it says the top 10 percent go into a drawing and they'll pull it out from there," Steve Goshia said.

That means Brittany beat the odds once, but needs to do it again in a drawing this month for her mother to win a new set of wheels.

"She'll win the car, but when I'm 16, I'll get it back," Brittany said with a smirk.

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