Karl Rove returns to 'battleground' Colorado

4:55 PM, Apr 17, 2010   |    comments
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"Colorado is really one of the two most important battlegrounds in the country," Rove told the crowd at Infinity Park Saturday afternoon. "Colorado is first of all a Presidential battleground state. It is a state with an open governor's race; it is a state with a senate race that is in essence open. [Sen.] Bennet is appointed but has never been elected, and then you have a number of key congressional races and then your state legislature, particularly the house, is very much up for grabs."

Many people associate Rove with the state of Texas, but during the time the media was allowed to record his speech in Glendale, Rove told the story of being born in Colorado and living here until he was 9 years old.

He says politics in Colorado are ever-changing. As far back as his childhood here, the state has gone many different directions.

"Colorado's gone through cycles. When I lived here, Colorado had Democrat governors and Democrat senators. So this is a state that has been independent minded. It has gone through cycles where in the 50s it was mostly Democrat, in the 60s it was somewhat Republican, in the 70s particularly the late 70s after the Olympics it began to swing to Democrats then it swung back to the Republicans. It is a state that goes back and forth."

All reasons that Rove says will make Colorado, once again, a major player on the national political scene this November.

You can ask Rove questions yourself when he is on YOUR SHOW on Sunday at 10:30 a.m. on My20.

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