Gubernatorial candidate seeks running mate on Craigslist

1:06 PM, May 10, 2010   |    comments
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Only the last posting on comes from independent candidate for governor, Jason R. Clark, who says if you want independent-minded leaders, you need to be willing to look anywhere and everywhere for them.

"We want to invite everybody in," he said in a Sunday morning interview on YOUR SHOW. "We want the best and the brightest. We want some new ideas, new leadership. New paradigm. If you're out there and you think you might be interested in this area, give me a call. We'll interview you and put you on the list." 

The classified posting lays out the guidelines for any possible candidate. They must have been registered as an independent or unaffiliated before June 15, 2009. They must be at least 30 years old and have been a resident of Colorado for the last two years. The salary is $68,500.

He says the reaction to the Craigslist posting has been spectacular.

"We need more independent thinkers," he said. "We need leaders who want to be held accountable. We need leaders who seek out and take responsibility for their actions. That's what leaders do and that's who I am," Clark said.

The Aurora businessman and former U.S. Army officer said he doesn't feel represented by either of the major parties and that he feels he's best-suited to re-build the state's economy. He says the health care debate is the perfect example of the system gone awry where most everyone in one party voted one way and everyone in the other voted the other way.

"You're telling me there's not any independent thinkers that thought maybe there's another way to do this," Clark said. "Maybe there are some new, fresh ideas we could bring into the process? I don't buy that. I think independent thinking is the way forward for Colorado and for America."

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