Deputies: Stalker out on bail kills victim

9:32 PM, Jul 8, 2010   |    comments
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Yvonne Flores filed for a temporary restraining order against Anthony Medina on June 23, 2010. Her husband, David Flores, told 9NEWS Thursday Medina had become "fixated" with his wife.

"He would follow her, he would follow us, even to the Wal-Mart in Buena Vista walking down the same isles as we were in," David Flores said. "My wife told me on Tuesday that she was worried he was going to get a gun and kill her."

Medina was arrested for stalking Yvonne Flores on June 22 and was out on bail when deputies say he shot her Wednesday night.

Flores, a 58-year-old woman from Leadville, was coming home from the store when Medina, also 58 years old and from Leadville, met her in her driveway and apparently shot her two times and then shot himself, said the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

He had been served a temporary restraining order on June 24 ordering him to stay away from Flores pending a court hearing.

The shooting happened at 1601 Mt. Massive Drive just north of Leadville. Medina lived at 1605 Mt. Massive Drive, just to the north of the Flores residence.

Flores' husband told 9NEWS he recently built a high fence along their property line because of the threats he was making.

"I had to build that fence so he couldn't see in our windows, he would stand on the edge of our property, never coming onto our property, just on the edge and try to look in the house," David Flores said.

Deputies from Lake County Sheriff's Office said when they arrived they found Yvonne Flores who had been shot twice, in her head and chest.

She was transported to Saint Vincent Hospital where she later died.

Investigators say apparently after shooting Flores, Medina turned the gun on himself. He died on the scene.

Lake County Sheriff Ed Holte says while Medina's behavior was odd, there was no indication that the situation would escalate into a violent situation.

"Acted oddly, absolutely. Was it illegal behavior? No it wasn't. Did anybody consider to be threatening behavior? No, they didn't," Holte said. "Until we have a violation of the law that warrants charges and or an arrest, we really can't do anything."

9NEWS Legal Analyst Scott Robinson agrees that law enforcement are limited in this kind of case, and that restraining orders are don't guarantee protection.

"No fence, no restraining order is going to prevent someone who's committed to killing, from doing what they intend to do. That's the sad truth of it," Robinson said.

"The first thing that you want to do is let them know in a firm way, that you do not want to have this contact with them, you do not wish to have a relationship with them. Do that in a very firm way. You definitely need to document every single thing they do, and not just shrug it off and ignore and say it will probably go away," Jeneen Klippel-Worden, the director of development and public relations for the Gateway Battered Women's Shelter, said. "Start documenting everything from the very beginning and start reporting it from the very beginning. That's the best thing a victim can do, is get that information out there right away, report it right away,"

Klippel-Worden says she warns victims that a restraining order will not always keep a suspect away. She even warns that there may be an escalation of threatening behavior on their part. Still, she says not taking action is not an option.

"There's really not any right answer, there's no really great way to say if you do this, you're a hundred percent safe, and that is what's frustrating," she said.

Klippel-Worden also recommends telling trusted friends and family about the stalker, and even showing pictures so that they can help keep an eye out for the stalker.

She says she tells victims not to change their phone numbers, because 100 percent of the time, the stalker will get agitated and try to find another way to get into contact with the victim. Instead, she recommends the victim get a new number while maintaining the old one, and use the old number to collect evidence of threatening voice mails and text messages.

9NEWS reported earlier Thursday that Medina had a criminal history. That criminal history is actually connected to a different Anthony Medina, who was born the same year.

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