Monday is 'decision day' for Tancredo

4:00 AM, Jul 26, 2010   |    comments
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Because of that, Tancredo has given Scott McInnis and Dan Maes until noon on Monday to pledge to drop out of the race after the primary, if the winner is trailing Hickenlooper in the polls.

"I want somebody that can beat Hickenlooper," Tancredo said. "The two folks, I don't think are up to the task. I think I have as much chance of winning in a three way race as they do in a two way race, maybe more."

If the two candidates do not make that pledge, Tancredo will run for governor as a third party candidate on the American Constitution Party ticket. He says he already has heard potential campaign staffers are ready and willing to work for Tancredo's candidacy.

Tancredo's demands came after McInnis became entangled in plagiarism charges and Maes was fined for campaign violations. Political analysts say the entry of Tancredo to the race will change everything.

"The impact on the governor's race here for Republicans will be devastating," 9News political analyst, Floyd Ciruli said. "This will look a lot like 1992. You had George Bush Sr. and Ross Perot.  They split the Republican vote."

Tancredo says the possibility of that happening is a concern. 

"Sure I'm afraid of that. That's why I have to start now. I can't wait. I have to start a campaign as quickly as possible, raise as much money as possible and fight as hard as I can."

A spokesperson for Scott McInnis says he has a full schedule of campaigning slated for the weekend. He added, "The people have the right to vote and make up their own minds."

9News attempted to contact Dan Maes for comment, but the calls were not returned.

"Tancredo's demands are absurd.  This is all about his ego.  This is Tom Tancredo getting public attention. He will take the Republican Party down with his extreme rhetoric. Tom thinks of no one but himself. Since his failed presidential run in 2008, Tom Tancredo has been craving attention," Dick Wadhams, chairman of Colorado's Republican Party said.

Tancredo responded by saying, "I know that that's some of the challenges that are being thrown at me. Why didn't you do this earlier? Well if I was just doing this for ego, I would have gotten in a long time ago."

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