Multiple gore violators pulled over on I-225

4:29 PM, Jul 27, 2010   |    comments
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Several Denver Police patrol cars were out in full force at southbound Interstate 225 near DTC Boulevard Tuesday morning, pulling over gore violators in a place where they say over 160 accidents have happened in three years.

Police describe a gore as the triangular part of road where a solid white line limits traffic from changing lanes or quickly switching onto or off of a highway ramp. Officers say many drivers often ignore the solid lines and "cut in line" during heavy traffic.

"Two days ago we had a couple officers out here, and they wrote 55 violations in a couple hours," Sgt. Kevin Edling of the Denver Police Department said. "They had more than four different people actually stop or yell out the window and say 'thank you for being here,' because they get frustrated with people cutting in line each and every day."

Drivers caught for a gore violation face a $100 ticket and three points on their license, which usually does not bode well for insurance premiums.

Edling believes the mistake is easily avoidable for drivers cautious enough to avoid a fine.

"Be patient, leave the house about five minutes earlier and be courteous and respectful to other drivers," he said. "We don't want any kind of road rage instances out here."

Today's target area resulted in 56 tickets for gore violations. Two traffic stops resulted in two arrests - one for driving without a license and one for a warrant involving multiple driving infractions. One firearm was also recovered.

Officers say they will soon be targeting the Interstate 25 and Interstate 70 area in similar gore stings.

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