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Denver DA: iPad thief put 'hit' out on victim

11:37 AM, Aug 18, 2010   |    comments
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The writer of the letter made his message clear: he wanted the victim of that crime to be killed.

Three 4-inch square pieces of note paper contained a hand-written message that said, among other things, "That's the address, so handle it A.S.A.P." The address, included on a blue piece of paper, belonged to Bill Jordan, the victim in the iPad theft.

According to Jordan's son Jason, an attorney from Aurora, FBI witness protection has urged his parents to change their names and move out of state.

"He's not just some small time guy who's ripping people off at the Cherry Creek mall, he broke one guy's jaw, tore my dad's finger off and he's willing to rob banks he's saying. He's willing to have someone murdered for crying out loud!" Jason Jordan said.

Jason Jordan says his family learned of the note a month ago. As soon as investigators found it, they gave Bill Jordan a call. Within 20 minutes, officers showed up at his doorstep.

"It's crazy, absolutely crazy," Jason Jordan said.

Denver District Attorney's office spokesperson Lynn Kimbrough says Smith likely got the victim's name and address from a copy of a document known as a "complaint and information." The document is turned over to defense attorneys, as part of all of the evidence that prosecutors are required to share. Defense attorneys may then share information with their clients of the case against them.

"Both the defense counsel and the defendant have a right to that document," Kimbrough said, adding that the document was found in Smith's jail cell.

Denver Sheriff's deputies discovered the letter when it was sent from Smith's jail cell on June 29. It is common procedure for deputies to intercept letters and open them to observe the content of those letters. The deputy who read the letter allegedly sent by Smith turned it over to the Denver District Attorney's office.

Tuesday afternoon, Smith was charged with attempted first-degree murder. The charge carries a maximum sentence of 24 years. Smith was originally charged with assault, which carried no jail time, and robbery, which carried a maximum sentence of six years in prison.

"These are very serious allegations," Kimbrough said. "We will go forward as best we can."

Kimbrough could not give details on whether or not the victim, Jordan, would be involved in any sort of witness intimidation program.

Smith never posted bond for the original charges and has remained in custody in the Denver Detention Center. Investigators say Smith committed other thefts, including Gucci purses, from the Cherry Creek Shopping Center.

Below are excerpts from the letter intercepted by authorities and said to be written by Smith, who is said to refer to himself as Gucci. The excerpts are printed as originally written. The Denver Police Department provided the excerpts in its official statement of probable cause:

1. "Bill Jordan is the same person as William Robert Jordan. YOU GET THIS DONE! AND I GOT YOU ON ANYTHING! I'll rob a bank if you want me too (sic) Just do this for your boy and I got you for sure. You know how we do it. When its (sic) done I don't know nothing... when I come up on a lick it's all yours. I know your (sic) scoping some out and I you. JUST DO IT. NO B.S. - GUCCI"

2. "I DON'T KNOW [EXPLICATIVE] NO MATTER WHAT!!! Just take notice of the blue paper in the envelope!!! That's the address, so handle it A.S.A.P., and ill (sic) be out on August 16th or August 20th. THE SOONER THE BETTER!! - GUCCI"

3. "You need me to get someone also I got you. No problem. Ill (sic) do whatever. Don't write back about this and if its (sic) done just day done and ill (sic) understand. I really need this otherwise it's a wrap!! If you do this case is dropped. NO WITNESS. Don't say anything to no 1 (sic)."

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