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Bias-assault victim says he's tired of racism

9:35 AM, Sep 19, 2010   |    comments
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"This is not the first time this kind of racism is happening in Boulder," said Ogundipe, a University of Colorado student from Nigeria.

Police say 22-year-old Joseph Coy from Lafayette, and two other men, called Ogundipe and his friends "monkeys" and used the "N" word. Investigators say Coy punched Ogundipe and knocked him out. He was arrested near the scene. Boulder Police are looking for the other two suspects.

Ogundipe has a sprained ankle and bruises all over his face and body. He is recovering physically.

"It's more of a bruise to my emotions and my personality," said Ogundipe.

He says for the last four years in school, he's been the target of racial slurs and threats in Boulder.

"We sick and tired of it. We need resolutions now," said Ogundipe.

Wael Khalifa is a junior at CU and a member of the Black Student Alliance. Khalifa says he and other African-American students are constantly targeted.

"We're outsiders within," said Khalifa. "They pick at us and they want us to fight and then they look like they're the victims."

Bronson Hilliard is a spokesperson for CU. He says the University administration is outraged over this incident, even though the suspect is not a student.

"We have a large and important international student body at CU-Boulder," said Hilliard. "They're welcome members of our community."

Ogundipe does not believe it.

"No. We want respect," said Ogundipe. "It's the same respect that Martin Luther King and the others were saying."

He says racism is still a stigma that hangs over Boulder.

"We work extremely hard and I know the city of Boulder works extremely hard to create a welcoming community here in Boulder," said Hilliard.

Some students agree.

"I think it's trying to get a reputation for being a pretty friendly place to be," said Doug Schuster, a junior at CU.

"It's really sad, especially with the image that Boulder tries to portray being really accepting, being like really progressive," said Kaiti Jolly, a sophomore at CU.

Khalifa says he doesn't see it.

"Boulder is not liberal. It's very racist," said Khalifa. "It's unfair. But, that's what happens when you're Black in Boulder."

Ogundipe says he wishes you could take the "color" out of Colorado.

"I [am] still not accepted and I'm tired of it," said Ogundipe.

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