Beating victim says he was attacked for being gay

1:06 PM, Oct 24, 2010   |    comments
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"I grabbed my cell phone, start to dial 911," said Babcock, a Denver resident. "Right before I could press call, one of the guys is standing in front of me and knocks me out."

Babcock says six men attacked him and two of his friends around 2:00 a.m. Friday at the convenience store at 3rd Avenue and Broadway.

"My friend Tim has a severe concussion. He had to get five stitches," said Babcock.

He says his other friend is also suffering from a concussion. Babcock suffered a broken jaw in two places and is scheduled for surgery on Monday. He is currently on strong pain medication and his sister is caring for him.

"The rage that first, it happens, but second that no one stepped in to do anything," said Rebecca Gumaer, Babcock's sister.

Despite Babcock's injuries, he says what hurts him as much is that incidents like this are happening all around the country.

"I find it disgusting," said Babcock. "It's 2010."

Babcock moved here from New York in June. He says since then, he's heard of two other attacks on gay men.

"Neither of them wanted the police called or the ambulance called," said Babcock.

Gumaer says there is a lot of hesitation to report attacks within the gay community.

"They won't reach out because they're scared the police won't help them," said Gumaer. "These attacks are not two-sided. They are being preyed upon."

Denver Police are investigating this case. DPD Spokesman John White says detectives are taking this case very seriously. The 7-Eleven does a surveillance system and White says investigators are reviewing the tape.

A manager at 7-Eleven tells 9NEWS that the attack is seen on the tape as well as the attackers, but there is no audio.

Babcock's family and friends are thankful that the injuries were not worse.

"Yes, in the big picture, of course he's lucky," said Gumaer. "But, is he lucky? This should have never happened in the first place."

Babcock hopes that someday attitudes will change.

"I still cannot understand in 2010 that there's all of this negative attention towards the homosexual community," said Babcock.

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