Colorado election results: Gardner defeats Markey; GOP reclaims 4th CD

7:52 AM, Nov 3, 2010   |    comments
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Video: Congressman Betsy Markey

Video: Gardner on 9NEWS

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"That's the message we got. It was about the economy. It was about the direction the nation is going and what they believe was the betrayal by the U.S. government and the U.S. Congress," State Rep. Gardner (R-Yuma) said during an interview with 9NEWS on Wednesday morning.

"In Brush Colorado on the 4th of July during the Independence Day Parade, people were shouting out to stop the spending and to balance the budget," Gardner added.

He brought Colorado's 4th Congressional District back to the Republicans after a two-year hiatus with a win over incumbent Rep. Betsy Markey (D-Colorado) on Tuesday.

Wednesday morning Gardner admitted that both parties hold some of the blame for the nation's current economic situation.

"Both Democrats and Republicans failed where they needed to succeed. This is our time in our nation's history where we're facing almost insurmountable debt and deficits and questions about the control of spending. We've got to make some big changes and have them implemented," Gardner said.

The 4th CD was considered integral to the national Republican plan to retake control of the House of Representatives. There are more than 40,000 more registered Republicans in the district than Democrats.

"Tonight isn't one campaign's victory or one candidate's victory, it is a victory for all of us in this room, all of us outside of this room. Tonight is not a Democrat or a Republican victory, because quite frankly both parties have failed where they needed to succeed," Gardner said during his victory speech Tuesday night. "Tonight's victory is shared between all of us who worked hard for real solutions to get our country back on track and create jobs and economic opportunity for every single one in this country."

"We will work together to solve our country's greatest challenges, to ensure we balance the budget, to reduce spending, and to be the hardest working member of Congress you have ever seen," Gardner said.

Gardner's family owns the Farmer's Implement Dealership in Yuma where he's worked off and on his whole life. He was appointed to fill a vacancy in the Colorado State House in 2005 after working for Sen. Wayne Allard (R-Colorado) and was elected to the first of his two full terms in 2006.

"This was not the outcome we had hoped for, but I am confident that we did everything possible that could be done in this election year," Markey said when she conceded.

Markey was elected in 2008 over Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R-Colorado) to give the Democrats their first representative from that district since the mid-1970s. The small business owner had earlier worked as a regional officer for then-Sen. Ken Salazar (D-Colorado).

"This has not been an easy two years for Americans. We are coming out of the worst recession since the 1930s. We are starting to slowly recover, but much more needs to be done," she said.

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