Mysterious sculpture appears on Boulder woman's lawn, again

11:01 PM, Dec 13, 2010   |    comments
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On Friday night, someone came to Donna Coughlin's quiet Boulder neighborhood and erected the giant sculpture on her front yard.

It has white solar-powered lights on it, an antennae protruding from the sculpture's head, a bunch of rusty chains, mirrors, a padlock and pieces of scrap metal sticking out in different places.

Believe it or not, this isn't the first time a large lawn ornament has mysteriously appeared on Coughlin's front yard.

Twenty three years ago, a large object that looked like a giant lady bug was left in nearly the same spot. Attached to it was a small box with earrings inside.

Coughlin was able to figure out that it was a University of Colorado Master of Fine Arts graduate student.

The two met after the incident, but eventually lost touch.

A box of earrings was also attached to the latest sculpture, and Coughlin says she heard the artist had been in the area recently.

"You know, there is so much trouble and so much sadness in the world today that you really do need a little bit of humor and this helps, I would say," Coughlin said laughing.

It's simply too large and too heavy for police to remove it, and they'd probably need heavy-duty equipment.

Coughlin is planning on leaving up the sculpture for a week or two in hopes of finding out who the artist is when they try and tear it down.

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