New Adams County coroner fires 11 employees

6:12 PM, Jan 13, 2011   |    comments
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"It was my decision to open those positions for application to the general public to make sure the citizens are served by the most qualified professionals I can find," Broncucia-Jordan said.

Broncucia-Jordan said six full-time deputy coroners (death investigators), three temporary deputy coroners, one administrative clerk and one temporary clerk lost their jobs.

The positions could be posted within the next month.

"It's not easy," Broncucia-Jordan said. "There probably were other ways of doing things. This is the way that I chose, this is the way that I feel is best to evaluate everyone in unbiased manner."

The 29-year-old coroner previously worked in the office and was fired in 2009. She's suing Adams County for wrongful termination. Broncucia-Jordan told 9NEWS she was fired after testifying in her co-workers sexual harassment case that involved the coroner's chief deputy.

Broncucia-Jordan stressed there was no bad blood between her and the employees of her old boss. She says she didn't know them.

Her recent move is geared towards hiring the best of the best for the job, she said.

"The employees aren't my first priority, my first priority here is to make sure the citizens of Adams County are served in the best manner possible," she said. "It's unfortunate that some time that doesn't' always work out in the best interest of everybody. We're going to make sure citizens of Adams and Broomfield Counties receive the best service possible from this office. That's my goal, that's why I did what I did."

Deputy Coroner Investigator Lara Ward just got her job in October.

"[I'm] a little upset just because I do have the education as well as background and experience to be in this office, so I'm a little frustrated because it is a tough economy and it's gonna be tough for the rest of my co-workers. They're very honest people. They're very hard-working," she said.

Broncucia-Jordan says everyone can reapply and Ward plans to do so.

In the meantime, Broncucia-Jordan says a number of professionals will volunteer in her office while she works to fill the open positions. She says workflow will not be affected.

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