5-year-old keeps her promise to adopted soldier

5:43 AM, Mar 14, 2011   |    comments
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5-year-old Addy Hinton got up sometime around 4 a.m. to make sure she could be there to give the man she calls "her soldier" a hug.

Her mom, Tiffani said, "It was even more emotional than I expected. The connection between those two has been incredible."

Addy met Private Healy on his leave in February. He invited the Kindergarten student to dinner as a thank you for the care packages she has been sending to him.

"You are the most important thing on my wall," he told her.

Healy has her paintings hanging up to brighten his quarters.

That night, he asked Addy to promise to keep sending the gifts to the troops because they need the encouragement. She is doing it.

The 143,000-square-foot Costco Store in Douglas County couldn't hold Addy's huge personality. She smiled and waved and made jokes as she shopped.

"My neighbors think I am very famous," said Addy, walking around the store. "They are always asking for my autograph."

Her dad helped her find the beef jerky and the ramen noodles. Her mom reminded her that they can't send anything that will melt. Her 2-year-old brother, Noah, rolled on the concrete floor at one point.

She shopped for her care packages and never once asked for anything for herself.

She added, "I sometimes worry about them. I just don't want them to get hurt. They are there to protect us."

The bill was well over three hundred dollars. It was way too much for any allowance to cover.

"I raised the dollars," said Addy. "I went door to door and people helped me."

When the Hinton's got back to their home in Littleton, they started the assembly line right away. There will be seven boxes this time.

"These are all for the soldiers," Addy said smiling. "They are a going to love it!"

"The fact that she sent presents to them and didn't expect anything back, I think that is exceptional," Tiffani Hinton said.

Addy has sent them care packages from her heart. They have sent her gifts from their own. She has an American Flag, letters and pictures covering one wall in her bedroom. She keeps Private Healy's dog tag that he gave her right above her bed.

"I'm scared of the dark," Addy said. "When I have fears, I hold Sean's tag and it makes me feel safe."

Addy plans to send many more boxes to troops she has adopted from all four branches of the military. She also plans to be there when Private First Class Sean Healy comes home to Colorado this summer.

"He is very special to me," she said.

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