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Police release interrogation tape of Travis Forbes

10:50 PM, Oct 15, 2011   |    comments
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Monge, who was 19, disappeared on April 1 after being picked up by Forbes in his van after a night out at the bars. Forbes took off to Texas and was arrested for driving an SUV that was initially reported as stolen. A Denver detective was already in Texas looking for Forbes based on tips he received from friends and family.

"How are doing, Travis?" said the detective. "Dude, I've been waiting for you."

The first thing they talk about is the interview Forbes did with 9News Investigative Reporter Deborah Sherman where he proclaimed himself the main suspect in Monge's disappearance.

"Talking to the media was beautiful," said Forbes, sarcastically. "That was dumb."

Then, the conversation turns to the victim.

"I keep checking the internet," Forbes tells the detective. "To see if they found that girl. I'm surprised you guys haven't charged me with it."

The detective asks Forbes numerous questions about the night he picked up Monge. Where did they go? What was she talking about? What happened as they stopped at a Denver gas station?

"We know you picked her up. We know you tried to help her. We know all that stuff," said the detective.

Forbes' response, "Kenia, Kenia."

The interrogation changes when the detective asks Forbes how Monge's hair, ripped to the root, ended up in the back of his van.

"If you guys find a piece of her hair, with a root, in the back of my van, how are you not arresting me?" asked Forbes. "There's a hair with a root in the back of my van. That's not good. That's incriminating."

After two-and-half hours, Forbes changes his mind about his rights.

"I think at this point my lawyer should be present," said Forbes.

The detective stops asking him formal questions, but Forbes keeps talking. After three hours, the detective presents Forbes with a warrant to obtain DNA samples. This appears to make Forbes nervous.

"Why would you be taking my DNA?" Forbes asks. "You found the girl."

At the time, Monge was still missing.

"When someone lies to me, it's my job to find out if they're lying or telling the truth. If they lie, it looks bad," said the detective.

After the statements, the DNA samples, and four hours of interrogation, Forbes is still not arrested for Monge's disappearance.

After being brought back to Colorado, the stolen car charge is dropped and Forbes goes free.

On July 5, Forbes commits another crime. He sexually assaults a woman in Fort Collins then tries to kill her by setting her apartment on fire. She survived. Forbes pleaded guilty to that crime and is expected to receive 48 years in prison.

In September, he pleaded guilty to the murder of Monge after leading investigators to where he disposed of her body in a field in rural Weld County.

Denver Police are not commenting at this time as to why Forbes was not arrested after the initial interrogation.

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