Current sheriff asked former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan to surrender badge he retired with

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SLIDESHOW: Sullivan in court

Sheriff Grayson Robinson, who was Sullivan's undersheriff, has put together a task force of 11 officers, from Denver and Arapahoe County, who are solely dedicated to investigating this case. Robinson says he expects there to be more arrests in connection with the case.

On Friday 9NEWS also learned more about a letter Robinson sent Sullivan three months ago asking him to surrender the badge he was able to hold onto after retiring from the department.

Robinson says on Sept. 20, Sullivan claimed to be a police officer and even flashed his badge during an incident inside a Commerce City home.

The sheriff says that was one of the first times they grew suspicious that Sullivan was up to no good.

Robinson sent Sullivan a letter which read, in part, "Effective immediately, the credentials of the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office, currently in your possession, are revoked. The building pass, commission card and deputy sheriff badge in your possession... must be surrendered to my office immediately... you have no authority as a Peace Officer. Any item in your possession... that reflects any insignia of the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office should be considered to have memorial value only."

Earlier on Friday, 9NEWS learned Sullivan will face four charges, three felony and one misdemeanor, including possession of drugs, attempting to influence a public servant and soliciting a prostitute.

Arapahoe County Sheriff's deputies and police with the South Metro Drug Task Force investigated Sullivan and arrested him Tuesday on allegations he tried to trade drugs for sex as police listened to the encounter.

Sullivan will be charged with one count of distribution of a controlled substance, one count of attempt to influence a public servant, one count of possession of methamphetamine and one count of solicitation of a prostitute. Sullivan remained in jail Friday. He will be formally advised of his charges on Monday.

By attempting to influence a public servant, the count alleges Sullivan deceived a public servant's decision, vote, opinion or action.

If he is convicted, he faces one to six years in prison.

9NEWS also learned Friday morning a man who drowned in a river about two weeks after former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan bailed him out of jail had used meth.

9Wants to Know had previously reported that Sean Moss, 27, had connections to Sullivan. Moss was found dead in the Platt River just north of Coors Field on Jan. 26.

Investigators do not consider his death suspicious, 9Wants to Know previously reported.

Moss' death was due to probable drowning, Denver County Coroner spokeswoman Michelle Weiss-Samaras told 9Wants to Know.

Sullivan bailed Moss out of jail after Moss was booked on a domestic-violence charge.

Methamphetamine and GHB were found in Moss' system, Weiss-Samaras told 9NEWS Friday. GHB is a schedule-I depressant and also known as a date-rape drug.

On Thursday, 9Wants to Know has learned police arrested a man they believe may be one of the suppliers of methamphetamine for former Arapahoe County Sheriff Pat Sullivan. A friend of the alleged supplier says he'd seen Sullivan many times.

Police obtained a search warrant the night Sullivan was arrested for a man in Denver, identified as Timothy Faase, and made the arrest later that night. He is said to be in custody.

Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson told 9Wants to Know it is safe to say Faase is suspected of being a supplier of methamphetamines.

9Wants to Know interviewed a man who says he's known Faase for 16 years. The friend would only used his first name, Fritz, with 9NEWS.

Fritz says he had just finished dinner with Faase at his apartment when police came.

"When they came through the door, I knew exactly why they were there. I knew they were there because he had been selling the drugs, but I didn't know they were there because of Mr. Sullivan's arrest," Fritz said.

Fritz says he had seen the former sheriff at the apartment complex at 1090 Clarkson Street in Denver many times.

"I knew exactly who he was. I knew he was a retired sheriff," Fritz said.

He says Willie Hadley, a man who says he traded meth for sex with Sullivan, was also at the apartment building frequently. Fritz says Hadley demanded the former sheriff pay for him to stay at a nearby hotel after Sullivan kicked Hadley out of the home he shared with his wife.

9Wants to Know has also learned that the investigation into Sullivan, 68, started with a traffic stop in Englewood on Nov. 17.

The man who was stopped consented to a search of his vehicle and police found drugs inside. The man then told police he had information about a high-profile figure. Sources tell 9Wants to Know that detectives were asked to come down to the Englewood Police Department in the middle of the night to hear the man's story.

The information he provided jump started the investigation and lead to Sullivan's arrest.

Sullivan was taken into custody on Tuesday and appeared in court on Wednesday on accusations he was giving meth to men in exchange for sex.

The Patrick J. Sullivan Jr. Detention Facility is named after Sullivan - which is where he is being held. The judge doubled his bond to $500,000 Wednesday morning.

Investigators told 9Wants to Know the man that Sullivan wanted to have sex with was a long-time associate of the former sheriff.

The sheriff's department went to Sullivan's home that he shares with his wife. His wife gave them permission to conduct a search. They took large amounts of gay pornography that involves adults. They also took two computers that are being reviewed right now by the Arapahoe County forensics investigators. All the porn involved is of adults. Sullivan's family is cooperating fully, according to current Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson.

Sullivan served as sheriff from 1984 until he retired in 2002. He started with the department in 1979 after serving with Littleton Police beginning in 1962.

Robinson also mentioned there will be "additional charges and arrests if needed."

Investigators have looked into Sullivan's past going back many years and have discovered many encounters, 9Wants to Know has learned. They are still trying to figure out how those may play into Sullivan's charges.

Officials do not believe that all encounters were necessarily illegal and say some involved consenting adults not engaging in illegal activity. Robinson confirms to 9Wants to Know that Sullivan did bond out several people at "a variety" of detention centers in the Denver metro area. Robinson says that is part of the overall investigation.

In 1989, Sullivan crashed his Jeep through a fence to rescue a wounded deputy during a standoff.

Eugene Thompson, Jr., 24, went on a rampage with a semiautomatic pistol in Arapahoe County, abducting a woman and then killing her and her mother-in-law. He then raped another woman before he was cornered in a town house. The gunman shot and wounded two officers and another hostage before he fatally shot himself.

During the standoff, Sullivan sped his Jeep toward the deputy to create a diversion during the standoff. He then jumped out of the Jeep and rescued the wounded deputy as others provided cover. He then quickly backed out of the scene, going right through a fence and slamming into a patrol car to get to safety.

At the time, Sullivan used the event to champion gun control. He held up a semiautomatic weapon on TV and demanded more restrictions.

Sullivan then participated in many national programs, some preparing the country for a national disaster. He also took a prominent role during the 1999 Columbine High School shootings. After he retired in 2002, he led the security department for the Cherry Creek School District. He worked there until the end of the 2007-2008 school year.

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