Alleged victims of attorney anxious for his return to Colorado

8:18 PM, Dec 9, 2011   |    comments
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"We were partners," Katz said.

So when the well-known Breckenridge attorney vanished in 2007, Katz and most of the Breckenridge community went looking for him, thinking he had been the victim of foul play.

"Like everyone else, I went out and searched the grids and worked the phones," Katz said.

They searched for days, but all they ended up finding were reports from police indicating that Daniel was in deep debt, likely faked his disappearance, embezzled around $1 million from several clients and then fled the county. He left behind a four-year-long mystery of where and what happened to him.

Earlier this month, that mystery was finally solved.

Sitting inside a San Diego County jail, Daniel spoke on Thursday about how the pressures of life sent him running from Breckenridge to Mexico where he made a life writing web publications. During the jailhouse interview, he said he then decided to tried and get back into the United States.

I am very sorry for everything that happened and the way the way it happened," Daniel said.

He says a customs agent swiped his passport and that alerted the database that he was wanted in Colorado. Daniel was arrested and waved his extradition rights, which means it will only take five days for Summit County authorities to get him back to Colorado.

"Sometimes when you face the music, you have to face the music," Daniel said.

He says he didn't take the money with him and it's still in a bank account.

If that's true, 5th District Attorney Mark Hurlbert says victims who lost money may get it back.

"If it is true, and I am skeptical - we did a pretty good examination of his accounts - but if it is true, then that is good news and hopefully the victims will be made whole, which is our number one priority in this," Hurlbert said.

Old friends like Katz aren't so sure.

"Some of the things he said made me very curious about the money still in his accounts," Katz said.

Katz points out that if Daniel did have all that money, why didn't he spend it and why did he hang on to it all this time?

"There were ways to get that money back and I am not really sure why he would let it go for this long," Katz said.

It's why Katz says after all these years, money or not, it's clear why Daniel left and never looked back. Those are his own words.

"I never looked back. I couldn't. It was very painful," Daniel said.

Katz says many of the friends and family he left behind will now likely feel the same.

"There's a group out there that have never believed he could do everything he did, and they will still stand by him, but there's a big group out there that would like to lynch him," Katz said.

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