Pearl Harbor survivors 'shushed' by TV show crew

8:02 PM, Dec 13, 2011   |    comments
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"I was looking for a hat," he told 9NEWS shortly after the incident.

Maciejowski told us he was simply curious about securing a souvenir.

That's when it all started.

He figures the crew must have asked him to move away from the set five times. Five times he walked another 10 to 15 yards back.

"I didn't think they had any jurisdiction to make us move," he said.

This all happened last Friday while 9NEWS was traveling with the Denver-based Greatest Generations Foundation. The nonprofit had sent 23 Pearl Harbor survivors to Oahu for the week to help mark the country's 70th anniversary of the "date which will live in infamy."

Four Pearl Harbor survivors from Colorado were also there.

It's not entirely clear what happened shortly after Maciejowski was asked to move the fifth and final time. 9NEWS witnessed a videographer ask a crew member if the cast of Hawaii Five-O might be interested in talking to some of the veterans.

The crew member, after talking to someone else on the set via radio, said no.

Other members of the Greatest Generations Foundation say the survivors were "shushed" a number of times when they were trying to place roses at the graves of some of the unknowns.

Maciejowksi says he's hardly outraged, but he is certainly annoyed.

"It shouldn't have happened. I mean, none of us were rude," he said. "Some of these guys have buddies that are buried there."

In addition, the set and all of the equipment were visibly located on a number of headstones. The cemetery's director has said the crew had permission to be there.

KOA 850 Radio's Steffan Tubbs, a board member of the Greatest Generations Foundation, was on the trip as well and has turned into one of the most vocal critics of what he saw happen that day.

On his Facebook page, he has told his followers that what happened was a "disgrace" and that his blood was boiling from the incident. He has also talked about it at length with national as well as local news outlets in addition to talking about it on KOA's Colorado's Morning News.

After 9NEWS' report aired on 4 O'clock at 9NEWS on Tuesday, Hawaii Five-0 Executive Producer Peter Lenkov emailed the following sent an apology:

"On behalf of the Hawaii Five-0 production unit, we'd like to apologize to any veterans and members of the Greatest Generation Foundation whom we unintentionally offended when our events coincided.

"Last week, under permit from the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, we filmed a scene at the cemetery in which Commander McGarrett visits his father's grave. When we arrived, we became aware of a memorial service for Pearl Harbor veterans taking place more than 200 yards away.

"Our production crew is 80% staffed with local Hawaiians, many with ties to the military. We recognize the privilege of filming in Hawaii and we are acutely aware of the deserved respect for its culture, history and the reverence that should be afforded to all of our veterans, particularly those who served so nobly in Hawaii and at Pearl Harbor. Furthermore, the series we produce carries a demonstrative pro-military message.

"Contrary to some reports, to show respect, our crew did cease production for the playing of the national anthem, taps and for the remainder of the ceremony.

"When we resumed filming, we did encounter visitors from the ceremony. Any rudeness by our staff can only be attributed to haste to finish our work, not a lack of respect for men and women who have served and sacrificed for their country. And for that, too, we sincerely apologize to any that were offended."

CBS initially issued the following statement to press inquiries: "We were surprised to hear this report and are looking into the matter. Our veterans deserve the highest level of respect and reverence for their service, particularly during a ceremony honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice."







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