9NEWS presents gadget-palooza

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Day 4

Yule A Hoop helps you decorate your Christmas tree like a professional in minutes. A small round ring with gripping slots slips over the top branch of the tree. It makes using ribbon and beads fast and easy. You can string popcorn and cranberries too.

It also serves as a platform for the tree topper. It keeps it secure and straight. A local inventor came up with this product. Go to www.yuleahoop.com for details.

iSafe Waist Pack is the first and only waist pack with a hidden, built-in mobile personal security system. It weighs 1lb, and is a one-size fits all. If anyone tries to grab your stuff, he iSafe Waist Pack sounds a shrill alarm. It comes in two color combinations. $39.99 at www.isafebags.com

Apifni Active Wear is a new active brand of clothing. Designers say these items make you look skinny and sleek. Susie Wargin showed off a sporty tank and cardigan. Oprah is featuring the line in her magazine "O" in January. Prices range from $45 to $98 with tops and pants. Learn more at www.apifeni.com (Enter 9NEWS and you'll get a 5% discount.)

One Tough Mother is a gift pack line developed by a Highlands Ranch mom. For $45 you can get a long sleeved shirt and visor. You can have it gift wrapped for an extra $5. Learn more at www.onetoughmother.com

Woof Wallet is described as the best thing to happen to your leash. The unique design straddles the leash and consists of two pouches, each with an outer pocket that allow for better organization. Rear pocket has a reflective safety strip. Place the plastic bags you need, your cell phone, wallet, small digital camera. $20 www.woofwallet.com

Your Own Dome is a Colorado-based product designed for anyone who believes geodesic domes are too complicated for ordinary uses. This dome has only two components. The first is a joint that is the same as every other joint.

You can build a dome or a sphere and the joints are interchangeable at any connection in the assembly. The second is a straight section of 2 inch ABS plastic pipe. It comes in 10 foot sections at Home Depot or Lowes stores.

Power Slice Charger helps organize your gaggle of gadgets and consolidate all your charging needs. It can charge up to four gadgets on one plus with the built in USB port and various other attachments that can be changed in and out, including iPHones, Mini USB's, and more. $44.99 for the charger unit, $9.99 for each "slice." www.FusePlusYou.com  

Wrinkle MD replenishes skin with Hyaluronic Acid to help fill lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin hydrated, smooth and younger looking. It is designed for the wrinkle prone areas around the eyes with the use of patches attached to "activator pods." It requires 40 minute treatments twice a week for the first two weeks, then once a week. $129 at www.universitymedical.com 

Flight Spray is described as the first nasal hydration spray for airline travelers,  
this spray is formulated with Hawaiian-grown turmeric root. It is described as an anti-bacterial, spearmint-flavored, natural antiseptic. It creates an unsuitable environment for inhaled germs. http://www.magellans.com/

The Power Monkey is the essential travel companion providing portable power for your gadgets. If you leave your mobile phone charger at home, or your digital camera dies, this is a convenient reserve power supply. The main charger will work in over 150 countries. http://www.magellans.com/

Reusable Cup is a lightweight collapsible 12 oz cup,  perfect to give you an alternative to those you find in hotel rooms. http://www.magellans.com/ 

Handpress Espresso Machine Espresso is compact, lightweight and easy to operate. Add an espresso pod or ground coffee. Fill the reserve with hot water, pump it up and drink away. http://www.magellans.com/

Day 3

Salus, a natural body care company in Manitou Springs provided us with a special bath cupcake. These "cupcakes" fill your tub with moisturizing, fizzy aroma and abundant bubbles. The frosting is the bubble bath and the cupcake bottom is a bath bomb. Find out more here, www.shopsalus.com.

Monkey Toes Shoes are designed for kids ages 1-3 and to look like their beloved bugs and animals. These tennis shoes have elastic no-tie laces and adorable keepsake boxes. Packed with the shoes are trading cards with all of the characters. Find out more here, www.monkey-toes.com.

Posh blankets are handmade in Iowa by moms and grandmas. 6 different sizes. Monograms can be added. They can customize fabric combinations - there are endless possibilities. Find out more here, www.poshblankets.com.

Women's Bean Project

This nonprofit earns about 75 percent of its funding by selling products that women in the program make. They help women break the cycle of poverty. The soup we featured this morning was created by Giada De Laurentiis - selected after a call was put out to professional chefs across the country. Find out more here, www.womensbeanproject.com

Craig Hospital

Craig hospital is the only hospital in the state with its own license plate. For each plate sold, $20 goes to support the patients and families at Craig. For more information, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicle office.

Handle Wraps

Do the handles on your truck or car show signs of wear and tear? Are they dirty? Handle Wraps are made of cushioning material and easily attach to your vehicle's handles. They're washable and adjustable and come in 8 different colors.
Find out more here, www.handlewraps.com.

Bowerbag is a messenger bag, backpack and saddle bag all rolled into one. With a few clips and zips you can transport everything from an iPod to an elephant all rolled into one. Find out more here, www.bowhous.com.

Kinderlift is a children't ski and snowboard safety vest. Using Kinderlift will help you safely get your kids on and off the ski life and easily pick kids up when they fall on the slopes. Find out more here, www.kinderlift.com.

RightTight was founded by a local entrepreneur after more than 10 years of research. When kids legally graduate from a booster seat, the lap and shoulder belts are often uncomfortable and don't fit properly. RideTight keeps the lap belt safely and snugly in position.
Find out more here, www.ridetight.com.

Cellar Angels was created by wine connoisseurs who were looking for a unique way of getting highly-coveted award-winning boutique wines from Napa and Sonoma valley. Each week, members receive an email featuring a specially discounted wine. These wines are not typically found in retail stores. A portion of each sales go to a charity of your choice. Find out more here, www.cellarangels.com.

Cru Vin Dogs tracks down small lots of special wines and grapes from vineyards throughout the world to create masterful blends. Each label in their portfolio features original illustrations of real dogs. A portion of all sales are donated to charitable organizations that involve dogs. Find out more here, www.cruvindogs.com.

Travelarmor makes bottle armor - a leak proof, padded protection system for breakables. This product is ideal for people traveling with wine bottles. Bottle Armor protects bottles in checked baggage. Find out more here, www.magellans.com.

Boca Java offers personalized gourmet coffee. You can create your very own roast-to-order gourmet coffees, teas, cocoas and upload a photo to create your very own label. Find out more here, www.bocajava.com.

Truffnies are all-natural European truffles crossed with all american brownies. The result: an epicurean sensation! Find out more here, www.truffnies.com

Day 2

Wind X-Treme - multifunctional headware that offers protection and insulation against the cold, wind and the sun. Built in hygiene function keeps Wind Xtreme fresh longer. Made in the USA from recyclable polyester. 12 different ways of wearing it.
Find out more here, www.zonawind.com.

Growums - help to plant the seeds to get kids into the garden and on the path to healthy eating. Add water to the coco or peat pellets, put them in a shallow dish and once they've expanded, kids add three seeds and put the dish in the sun. When the plants sprout, you simply plant them in a sunny place. Find out more here, www.growums.com.

The new GUND Gridiron Bear is designed for family friendly football fans. It has something to say about touchdowns, bad calls, the offense and defense with a total of about 20 total phrases. Find out more here, www.gund.com.

Never Summer Industries has been designing and building snowboards since 1983. Each board is handcrafted here in Denver.
Find out more here, www.neversummer.com.

Fyrflyz - swing, spin and twirl to create amazing light shows.
Three styles with different color lights. Find out more here, www.fyrflyz.com.

Pelican briefcases protect crucial documents, personal electronics and photos. Virtually indestructible, both cases are crushproof, dustproof and water resistant. Find out more here, www.pelican.com

Case-Mate Tanks take a beating, while keeping your smartphone safe. The Tank iPhone 4/4S case brings an extreme approach to defending the iPhone with a rugged case that completely protects the phone from screen to back. Modeled after motorcycle helmet engineering. Shock absorbing interior. Find out more here, www.case-mate.com/tank.

Recipe Rock - offers an innovative way to hold recipes. This small 2-inch, sculpted concave rock holds up to 8 pages of printed recipes upright at the perfect viewing angle. Prevents pages from sauce splatters and dirty hands. Find out more here, www.architectproducts.com.

The GetFit Scale allows users to quickly and easily measure their body weight, percent of body fat, percent body muscle and other health metrics. Stores personal data for up to 8 users and automatically identifies the person standing on the http://www.quirky.com/products/37-Digits-Conductive-Glove-Pinsscale. Find out more here, www.eatsmartproducts.com.

Digits - Don't let the cold keep you from your connections! Everyone can attest that removing your gloves to make a call or send a text using electronic touch screen devices is frustrating during the winter months.  Digits are conductive pins that attach to the fingertips of your gloves. Simply place the backside of the digit (with post) inside the fingertip of the glove and push through. Digits come in a pack of four pins so you can use them on multiple sets of gloves or give a set to a friend! A pack of four is sold for $11.99.  Order here

specializes in unique, vintage and contemporary stock-market-themed gifts and memorabilia. This is a local company that has hundreds of items to choose from.
Find out more here, www.bullmarketgifts.com.

The NFL is launching NFL.com/woman - a digital destination for female fans that features a lot of robust content and a deeper look into the campaign. The website showcases the NFL Women's apparel line. Find out more here, www.nfl.com/women.

Day 1

Bake Pops: create, decorate and bake customized cake pops right at home. Just fill the specially designed Bake Pop pan with ANY cake mix, put on the custom lid and POP it in the oven. Makes 18-bite sized cake pops that are are ready to decorate.

Snap-On Feathers: the latest fashion craze! Girls can change their look in a snap with these decorative non-slip clips that easily attach to hard and quickly come off. Reusable. Affordable alternative to costly salons.

Microwave Pasta Boat: The Pasta Boat is the fast and easy way to cook, drain and serve perfect pasta dishes in one microwaveable pot without the hassle. Easy to use and great to store meals as well. $19.99

Plaque Blast: helps maintain healthy teeth and gums for pets. Pet owners simply spray the patented formula in their dog or cat's mouth, and when used regularly, it will help control tartar, plaque, and bacteria. Also helps freshen breath - no alcohol.

All of these items can be found by visiting: 


Nokero: Solar Light Bulb: Nokero stands for "no kerosene" - claim to be the world's only solar light bulb. Designed to replace kerosene lamps. Good for the environment and can save lives.
Great for blackouts, camping, RV. Requires 1 AA size rechargeable battery.

Gadget Feet: for work or travel. Adjustable grip feet allow for unconventional work station setups for most electronics on all types of surfaces, shapes and angles. Improves posture and increases productivity based on OSHA guidelines. Helps keep your laptop cool too. 


The Pocket Purifier: uses the same ultraviolet light that sterilizes surgical instruments. Claims to kill 99.9% of germs that cause colds and flu, e-coli, salmonella, mold, fungus and MRSA.

Small and compact for a backpack or purse, travel bag or diaper bag. Takes 4 AA batteries. 


Wuggle Pets: build them and love them with care. Comes with a "fun fill" factory...magic dust, fluffy stuffing, birth certificates and personality charms. They also come with a zipper tool to attach to a backpacks.

Kids can collect them all and trade them. Cuddly Puppy and Magical Unicorn are included in the kit. 



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