Kenia Monge remembered with walk

5:37 PM, Apr 1, 2012   |    comments
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One year ago, Aurora teen Kenia Monge went missing, and months later, her killer, Travis Forbes, led police to Monge's body buried under a tree near Keenesburg.

Forbes is serving a life-term in prison. 

Monge's family has started a foundation, "The Kenia Monge Foundation," in hopes that what happened to her won't happen to other young women.

Monge's father said it was one year ago Sunday that he remembers getting the phone call that his daughter was missing.

Tony Lee says he's not trying to preach, and he's not trying to be unrealistic. He just wants women to be careful.

"Have your fun, do your thing. Just watch each other's back. Be careful what you do when you go out there, know what you're gonna do before you walk out that door, because in the blink of an eye, pow -- that fast -- that's how fast it can happen. That's how fast this happened -- it was that fast," Lee said.

Monge's parents say the only way to help them move on is by making something positive out of the tragedy.

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