Emily Keyes cornea recipient meets family

6:12 PM, Feb 14, 2007   |    comments
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Britto, 63, received a cornea from the Keyes’ daughter, Emily, after she was killed in the Platte Canyon High School shooting on September 27. It was the first time each had met the other and they found joy and hope and laughter in the meeting.

Wednesday afternoon, the Donor Awareness Council, introduced Britto and the Keyes family at a news conference to promote organ and tissue donations.

9NEWS first reported Emily’s gifts last November and our story included Julius Britto.

Britto flew to Colorado from North Carolina to meet the Keyes family in person and to tell everyone that he was now an organ donor recipient because of Emily’s gift of sight to him.

If you want to become an organ or tissue donor, authorities say you should write it down and let your family know. The easiest way is to have it marked with a heart on your drivers’ license.

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