Message to Aaroné Thompson’s father: Don’t come back

7:16 AM, Mar 1, 2007   |    comments
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On the tapes, she talks with a friend about the girl being dead and buried.

Family members of the 6-year-old girl have heard the tapes and told 9Wants to Know that Lowe can be heard on the recordings talking about Aaroné in past tense, and saying the girl is dead - not missing as she and her common-law husband, Aaron Thompson, have maintained since being named persons of interest in the case in November 2005.

Aaron Thompson is still a person of interest in the case, but Lowe suddenly died of heart problems in May 2006.

9Wants To Know has learned the recorded conversations are part of the Aurora Police investigation into the girl’s murder and have been played to family members by police who talked to the family as part of their investigation of the case.

Aaroné’s half-brother, Kenyetta Fields, 20, is one of those who has heard the tapes. He told 9NEWS that on the recordings, an unnamed woman identified as a close friend of Lowe, asks Lowe if she was going to put flowers on the girl’s grave.

Fields says Lowe is then heard saying, “No, he going to do that, he going to do that,” with ‘he’ referring to Aaron Thompson.

Another family member confirmed the same conversation to 9NEWS.

“Aurora investigators, detectives, they came over and they played a couple of recordings,” said Ebony Williams, Lowe’s cousin on her mother’s side.

She told 9Wants to Know that Lowe also said to her friend in the recordings, “I’m not going to tell you where she is, but I’ll give him (Aaron) some flowers and he can go where his little girl is and he can put flowers where she is.”

9Wants to Know has attempted to talk with Aaron Thompson several times, but he has declined to comment. 9NEWS tried once again Wednesday night as he was leaving a bible study class at New Birth Temple of Praise in Denver, but he refused. Thompson was carrying a bible and goes to the class every Wednesday.

Fields remains angry at his father, Aaron Thompson. He spoke to 9NEWS from his home in Detroit, and says he has a message for Aaron Thompson:

“You can never come back to Michigan ever, never. If I come across you one time, you will die. Point blank. That’s just how I feel about you,” said Fields. “You can rot in hell and save me a seat. I don’t give a damn. That’s how I feel about him.”

“How come you show no remorse? How come you have nothing to say about Shely?” said Williams, speaking publicly to Aaron Thompson. “Ain’t no one got something to say about the proper burial of this little girl. Nobody knows anything but you Aaron and I hope you are man enough to speak up because you ain’t saying nothing yet.”

Fields also says Lowe abused her children, at times using cable cords.

“She was evil,” he said. “Everybody knows she done stomped on her kids. She beat her kids down bad.”

However, Fields says Lowe did not abuse him or Aaroné. Fields says Aaron Thompson abused Aaron Jr.

“He was more like a follower,” said Fields. “He got Aaron (Jr.) a couple of times. He got him real good across the back. He didn’t leave no real major bruises, but he got him.”

Fields says he never saw Aaron Thompson hit Aaroné.

Aurora Police spokesman Marcus Dudley said he could not comment on the existence of the tapes.

“As you are aware, the case is before the grand jury and we are not at liberty to comment on the case,” Dudley said Wednesday afternoon.

An Arapahoe County Grand Jury had just started hearing testimony in the case against Lowe and Thompson when Lowe died.

The grand jury is still hearing the case against Aaron Thompson and asked for and was granted a six months extension in January.

Spokeswoman Kathleen Walsh for the 18th Judicial District said the grand jury prohibits her office from commenting on the case.

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