Thousands of teens pledge to stay 'pure' until marriage

7:42 PM, Mar 12, 2007   |    comments
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"My boyfriend and I we've been dating for a while and people always ask us have we had sex, and we're like, no," said Bushman.

The teens attended a pledge rally at the Broomfield Event Center. There was a bevy of booths selling t-shirts promoting abstinence, purity rings and of course all the sugary snacks one could imagine. The event was organized by Pure By Choice, a faith based group which supports the idea of teens holding off on sex until marriage.

Executive director Bob Lemming says the teenagers showed an uncanny amount of courage to make the pledge considering it may be unpopular.

"Just because you have some strong religious beliefs doesn't mean you're a freak and that you don't want to have fun, we just see sex as something wonderful," said Lemming.

The teens put on 'purity rings" and their goal is to keep wearing them until a wedding ban one day replaces them. National studies conducted by Yale and Columbia University have found that more than 85 percent of adolescents who make pledges of abstinence often break them. Despite that, 17-year-old Jovan Ray says he is confident that the pledge he made on Sunday will last until his special day.

"I"m a 100-percent confident that I"ll keep my promise. You know, the Lord"s strength is with me," said Ray.

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