Error extends Colfax Marathon

10:02 PM, May 24, 2007   |    comments
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"The distance I saw on the watch read 26.76 miles. Last time I checked a marathon is supposed to be a 26.2," said Moya.

Moya noticed at what was supposed to be the half way point of the marathon, his GPS watch indicated that he had run roughly 13.5 miles.

It appears that an error extended the marathon's course by about a half mile. The marathon's executive director says the course itself was accurate, but when organizers placed cones near the 13-mile mark the course somehow got longer.

"The cones took a modified direction from what the runners were supposed to follow, and it created what we believe to be about a half mile increase in distance," said Mike Collins, executive director of the Colorado Marathon.

The extra half mile appears to have been added on during a stretch through City Park. Runners were supposed to run around a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The cones took them on a more roundabout course.

Moya says at that point in the marathon, a half mile wouldn't have made much of a difference.

"Later is when it matters. With the elevation, and the last leg of the run being six miles up hill, that's when the extra half mile matters. Your body is beat and you're tired at that point," said Moya.

Collins says track and field certifiers will arrive in Denver this weekend to determine the marathon's exact distance. Runners then will receive a newly calculated time based on that distance.

Collins added that placement and prize money will not be affected.

The Colfax Marathon is also a qualifying race for the Boston Marathon. Collins says he spoke with officials with that marathon and he says they will accept the new times when they are determined.

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