Viewers 'soundoff' on marijuana initiative

2:03 PM, Aug 27, 2007   |    comments
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"What do you think of the proposed initiative to make marijuana possession the 'lowest priority' for Denver Police?"

Denver police have more important things to do.
The courts spend way too much time prosecuting these 'criminals'

Jessen W.
One can question if the plant should be legal, but it is clear to me that law enforcement has more important issues to tend.

Sean A.
An English study just reported 3 months on MSNBC, that the number 4th deadlist drug in the world is Ciagarettes. The number 8th drug is booze. And the 12th drug deadlist in the world is POT.....Hmmm....

So why wouldn't we go by a 20 year study? Thats right no taxes the goverment can make on it. So yes it should be the lowest..It should be legal. God created the world including pot, so why ban that and not booze or smokes?

Try this, think for yourself, instead of what a 200 year old goverment tells you. Maybe they don't have your best interest in mind. Maybe, just maybe come up with your own thoughts and feelings, instead of what the warped media tells you to do.

Jennie S.
I am very disappointed to hear about this purposed initiative. Getting the drugs off of our streets needs to be a priority, and anyone who thinks otherwise needs to think about the big picture. Marijuana is illegal for a reason. Our police need to be enforcing or laws to the best of their ability.

Herman B.
This really should be the least of the problems that are in the city. Go after the child molesters and the gang members and all the people on the controlled substances. If a person is in their home and uses marijuana and not bothering anyone.... then so be it.... right? There is way more to worry about than a natural thing like marijuana.

Joshua B.
Sounds like a very pragmatic decision.

Steve C.
Makes know since to punish people for choosing the least dangeress drug. Marijuana makes you relaxed and less likely to be aggressive, while being less harmful than a baby aspirin. We need to crack down on the real problem drugs alcohol and meth two killers. If you can find one person who has just died all of a sudden from pot then maybe think twist but it just doesn't happen. The government has been trying to find something wrong with smoking pot for over 30 year and can't tell us for certain there is any bad affects. all you hear is pot may cause shot term memory lose, it may cause psychosis if they could prove anything they would be all over it.

Alan H.
. . . that when you hear about marijuana busts, it's almost always small independent businesses, and the high-profile sick person seeking relief? You almost never hear about major dealers and their financiers going down, even though it's known by many who they are and where they work out of. The same thing is true for many forms of organized crime, e.g. the kingpins behind organized prostitution are likewise never prosecuted, just the occasional independent streetwalker.

If you want a Pulitzer, take a hard look at organized crime and its protected relationship with law enforcement. Just do it under an alias . . .

Rachel B.
The police ultimately deal with people every day. They are involved with what is going on in our cities on a day-to-day basis. To regulate priorities for them, in this manor, is having outsiders tell them "we know better". I think we need to let the local authorities do their job in the best way they know how, without introducing more legislation to make that more difficult.

Every law, which they are keeping us accountable, should be of equal importance.

Robert D.
The possession and use of marijuana is against the law and Denver should enforce the law. Look what's happened with Denver turning a blind eye towards the illegal immigrants.

Greg H.
While I fully agree with those that believe that there are more serious crimes to be prevented, more dangerous people to be incarcerated and more potentially life-threatening situations to the general public that police could be focused on...let's get real! How many dollars have been spent to create an atmosphere of intolerance towards those who use tobacco yet in Colorado we continually "look the other way" when it comes to marijuana. How disappointing we are as a society when a product that is perfectly legal to purchase in any convenience store is NOT legal to use in most indoor spaces in our state yet we'll debate putting an illegal substance on a semi-protected list.

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