Woman handcuffed to cop car, then abandoned on highway

3:03 PM, Mar 4, 2008   |    comments
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Angela Scott of Manning was handcuffed to a Highway Patrol car after flagging an officer down for help.

"She was the innocent owner of an automobile who should go on her way," said her lawyer, Joe McCullough.

McCullough calls it a "tragedy" that started when the 48-year-old loaned her car to a friend, who then loaned it to someone else. That person got pulled over for speeding and arrested for driving with no license.

Scott came to pick up her car in Clarendon County.

That's when the tape begins.

Scott, a former San Quentin prison officer, flagged down a trooper, who told her to get out of her car, cuffed her hands behind her back, then cuffed her again to his patrol car.

"There's no drivers license and registration, which is what the general policy of the Highway Patrol would be," McCullough said, "You don't take them out and chain them and handcuff them."

McCullough said he believes the fact that Scott is black played a role in the incident.

"Well, I don't know this officer," said McCullough, "but watching this video it would be very difficult for me to believe if that had been Aunt Bea behind the wheel. I do not believe they would have been handcuffed."

Later, Scott's car was towed.

Scott's can't walk far due to a bad back, so she asked the trooper for a ride.

The officer told her he couldn't do that.

The tape shows the trooper drive off with the man he pulled over while Scott stands on the road in the dark.

What's worse, McCullough said Scott's sister was murdered on a roadside a few years ago.

"While she stood there while her car drove away, all she could think about was, 'I'm going to die'," he said.

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