Man ticketed for reckless driving on a bicycle

5:55 PM, Jan 16, 2008   |    comments
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"The officer who pulled me over said I was going too fast," Cornish said. "Looked like I was in a rush."

Cornish said his reckless driving ticket might one day be funny, if it weren't so confusing.

"I get some people who laugh," he says, "and I get some people, like me, that are lost."

Cornish has to pay an abusive driver fee, $350 each year for the next four years, for a ticket he got on his lunch break.

"So I turn and I go into the parking lot," he remembered, "and I get pulled over for recklessly driving on a bicycle."

Cornish is one of many people complaining about the fees, approved by the Virginia General Assembly and instituted last July.

The fees were expected to make the roads safe and bring in more money, but fell short on both counts.

"We need to focus on driver safety," said Governor Tim Kaine. "We need to focus on funding the maintenance part of the transportation system. This is just not the strategy that enables us to do those things."

Drivers like Paul Ferree say the more serious offenders like DUIs and road rage should pay up, but Ferree says the fees shouldn't apply to every ticket.

"To me it would depend on how abusive the offense is and maybe that person would be entitled to a more stiff penalty," said Ferree.

As the drive begins to change the abusive driver fees, there's still no way to tell which way the political car is headed, down the road to revoking or retooling the law.

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