Psychic sends police on wild goose chase for mass grave

2:40 PM, Jun 8, 2011   |    comments
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The Liberty County Sheriff's Office said the tipster told them 25 to 30 bodies were on a property at the intersection of County Roads 2049 and 2048 between Hardin and Daisetta.

The first tip call came into dispatch about 10 p.m. Monday and directed deputies to a general area. Investigators said deputies went to the home and because it was dark and no one was there, they left.

Detectives said a second call came about 11 a.m. Tuesday and the tipster said the deputies missed the area. She gave a detailed description of the interior and exterior of a home, a shed and immediate surrounding area.

"Some of the information provided to us did specifically match information we found here at the scene. That is the driving force that kept us furthering our investigation," said Capt. Rex Evans of the Liberty County Sheriff's Office.

The unknown caller indicated investigators would find the bodies of up to 30 children on the property. Detectives said they spotted blood on the back door and frame and there was an odor of decomposition in the area.

Texas Rangers went onto the property about 7:45 p.m. after obtaining a search warrant. They scoured the house, the shed and grounds, but no bodies were found.

"There was nothing that would implicate a homicide or some type of serious incident of that nature had occurred there," Evans said.

The investigation at the home has officially been closed.

"Any type of serious allegation of this nature, especially anything that would involve the possibility of a child, we're going to take it serious," Evans said. "Simply what yesterday was was responding to the allegation, going to the scene and attempting to verify the validity of the information that we were given."

Investigators said they do not know the psychic's identity, but they said that she does not live in Liberty County.

Officials said she could face a class A misdemeanor charge, but the sheriff's and district attorney's offices planned to meet Wednesday to determine if other charges may apply.

Area residents said they were stunned someone would make up that kind of tip.

"Whoever tipped them off with the false tip like that, they ought to be sorry for what they done," resident Elmira McBride said.

A neighbor said truck drivers who traveled across the country often stayed in the house on the property with the owner's 16-year-old daughter and her 19-year-old fiance.

Their names have not been released.

The neighbor said the 16-year-old moved out of the home on Sunday and that nothing suspicious was ever seen.

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