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Wyatt Earp, the actor, tells his story

7:05 PM, Feb 17, 2007   |    comments
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This portrayal of the famous Old West lawman and gunfighter is maybe the most realistic. The actor is himself a distant cousin of Wyatt Earp, and he shares the same name.

Wyatt Earp, the actor, is performing a play about his famous relative at Craig Hospital, because his wife is there as a patient. Terry Earp is a popular playwright who was paralyzed in September when a car slammed into her bicycle.

At Craig, she is beginning to get some movement back in her hands. She and her husband are both learning how to get on with their lives. That's why they've decided to perform the play called Wyatt Earp: A Life on the Frontier.

"What's more therapeutic than doing what you love the most?" said Wyatt Earp.

The Earps also hope the performance is a short escape for their fellow patients at the hospital.

"We visit another world in theater," he said.

This play is about a man who faced some spectacularly dangerous times and lived to tell about it. It's a story of courage in a harsh world. It’s also a story the Earps and other patients in recovery at Craig Hospital can truly relate to.

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