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Starbucks to post calorie information

6:26 PM, Jan 6, 2012   |    comments
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A Starbucks spokesperson confirmed with 9NEWS on Friday the chain has plans to post calories for customers to see in its shops, but the entire U.S. rollout is still yet to be determined.

Starbucks currently posts nutritional information online and keeps thorough brochures in stores.

Starbucks has also been a supporter of legislation of national standard for menu board labeling.

Based on nutritional information available online, 9NEWS easily found out how what drinks packed the most calories and those that had the least.

Highest calories:

1. Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino - 500 cal
2. White Hot Chocolate - 420 cal
3. White Chocolate Mocha - 400 cal (2% milk), 350 cal (nonfat)

Lowest calories:

1. Tazo Tea - 0 cal
2. Bold Pick of the Day - 5 cal
3. Iced Coffee - 90 cal

Looking to cut calories? Here are some other low cal options that are more flavorful.

Think "skinny" drinks (each are grande sized)

1. Skinny flavored latte - 180 cal (2% milk) - 120 cal (nonfat)
2. Skinny cinnamon dolce latte - 180 cal (2% milk) - 120 cal (nonfat)
3. Iced skinny flavored latte - 80 cal (nonfat)

Obviously, calories go down when you get nonfat milk versus 2% or even whole. Calories also go down if you go sugar free.

Also, skip the whipped cream! For example, adding whipped cream to a cafe mocha, even with nonfat milk, will take it from 220 calories to 290 calories. That's 70 calories!

Frappuccino low-cal options (also grande):

1. Java Chip Frappuccino Light - 200 cal
2. Mocha Frappuccino Light - 130 cal
3. Coffee Frappuccino Light - 110 cal

Here's how size makes a difference:

1. Caffe Latte tall: 150 cal (2% milk)
2. Caffe Latte grande: 190 cal (2% milk)
3. Caffe Latte venti: 240 cal (2% milk)

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