Evan Ebel's mother details concerns in blog

8:46 PM, Mar 22, 2013   |    comments
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DENVER - In the words of a mother you get a glimpse into the life of Evan Ebel, the man believed to responsible for the murders of Colorado prison chief Tom Clements and pizza delivery driver Nathan Leon.

Ebel's mother, Jody Mangue, created the blog in memory of her daughter Marin when she was killed in a traffic accident in 2004. It includes many photos of Marin and her brother Evan and postings where Mangue spoke of the love she had for the two children.

She also wrote of visiting Evan while he was incarcerated in prison. The posting was entitled, "Prison Life." In it Mangue wrote about emotional visits with her son at the penitentiary in Canon City. She writes "visits there are intense, emotional. I try very hard not to cry, but I do."

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She went to detail efforts her family made to get help for Evan when he began displaying behavioral problems at age 12. She says they took him to a behavioral program in Jamaica for two years before taking him to programs in Mexico and Utah. He returned home when he was 15, but was then taken to another program in Samoa.
"We did try every approach we could with Evan, but here he is at some point we could not save him from this situation," wrote Mangue.

Dr. Larry Curry, a family therapist and professor at MSU Denver says Evan Ebel may have received treatment, but it may not have been effective.

"Was it the right kind of service? Was it too little too late and again there's this illusion that when people go to jail that they get help. There are a few places around the country that happens but for the most part, it is time out...time out for you to very often come back out and pick up where you left off."

According to Mangue the family did everything they could to try to save Evan.
"Some people may blame us for what has happened to Evan. I can only say that his dad and I had to make hard decisions when he was younger hoping to avoid where he is now," wrote Mangue.

She also wrote of the strength and spirit her son showed while in prison.

Dr. Curry points out the way a mother sees her son is not always the way the rest of the world does.

"Clearly the example that we saw displayed on television and the whole chase was someone of anti-social personality that he has no respect for property, lives and what-have-you. That concerns me, because it doesn't match what we saw in terms of her posting," Curry said.

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