Dustin Hoffman makes directorial debut

10:03 AM, Apr 1, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA- With an entire cast of British stars, American actor Dustin Hoffman made his first go at directing. Hoffman has been known for his versatile roles in films like "The Graduate" and "Rain Man," but is entering a fairly different realm with his new film, "Quartet."

"I read the script and when I first started I said 'Oh, this is about retired opera singers, and I'm not going to like this, and they're British,' and by the time it was over I was moved to tears," Hoffman said.

The film is a comedy-drama based on the play of the same title. It features a group of retired singers all living in the same home.

"We decided to use real musicians and real opera singers to surround Maggie Smith and the other stars, and that was the most excitement I've ever had on any film as it was for the crew." Hoffman said. "They showed up every day and worked [for] 12 to 14 hours, and it was much more than making a movie it was like a spiritual journey for all of us."

As is expected, Hoffman's years of acting certainly brings a different perspective on how to be the most effective director as possible.

"There are those directors who have already filmed it in their heads and they come on the set, and they actually mouth all the words, and you know that you're in for trouble. I think when you say 'get out of the way,' [that means] let the actor find his path to the scene. Their instincts are actually the best," Hoffman said.

Working with an all-British cast, he says, also came with some challenges.

"Sometimes I would think of a line, and they'd say 'we don't say that here,'" Hoffman said.

Quartet was released in the U.S. in January.

Morgan Aguilar contributed to this report.

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