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Resources and deals for Colorado's gardeners

5:35 AM, May 11, 2013   |    comments
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KUSA - With the spring rain and Mother's Day being just around the corner, Colorado's garden season is upon us!

If you're getting ready to shop for your garden this weekend, you will find great savings throughout the metro area. If you have questions on what's best to plant, check out the tips and trends we have put together for you.



9NEWS Anchor Mark Koebrich says we will see some of the best Mother's Day bargains for flowers in years, due in part to the bad weather over the last few weeks. Wicked weather leads to big garden deals.

Click on this link: to interact with the ads one 9NEWS colleague received in the mail Wednesday. You'll find links to each mailer, which is filled with sales on flowers and plants!

We know there are many more garden sales happening this weekend than this bundle of mailers. We ask you to help us all save money by leaving your COMMENT on this article with information about garden and flower deals at local businesses around you!




If you're not quite sure what's best for your garden you can use resources 9NEWS has gathered to help you decide which flowers, plants or vegetables would work best in your yard or garden plot.


Hands-on learning

Many municipalities, towns and cities in Colorado have volunteer opportunities where you can get dirty and learn, while beautifying the community. Call you local city office or go online to find volunteer opportunities such as these:


Top 10 Colorado Landscape Trends for 2013*

Multipurposing plants. Plants that do more than just sit pretty in the yard are top picks. The new plants of choice save water, create shade, provide food, are good companions with other plants for their mutual benefit or they attract wildlife. Bottom line: multipurpose plants add more value to the landscape.

Xeriscape renaissance. More consumers want yards that are designed, installed and maintained according to the 7 Principles of Xeriscape. They know that Xeriscape is not a set of plants or a garden style, but an environmental system that saves water over time.

It's cool to be square. Veggie gardeners are moving away from planting seeds in the traditional neat, long rows. Instead, they are grouping seeds and starter plants in squares. Keeping the plants closer together requires less water, slows evaporation and helps hold moisture in the soil longer.

Preserve & repurpose. Whether restoring historical sites to their formal glory or freshening up tired landscapes, owners care about preserving their mature plants and repurposing bricks, flagstone and other landscape materials already on their property. In the process, they uphold the original character of the place, save valuable plants and cut costs as well as waste.

Save the bees. Worldwide concern about threats to the bee population is now a back-yard priority. More homeowners are asking landscape designers to create plant havens for bees, birds and beneficial insects.

Drip is hip! When it comes to watering everything but the lawn, drip irrigation is the go-to water saver for annuals, edibles, perennials, shrubs and trees. Popping out the old pop-up sprinklers and spray heads and replacing them with drip irrigation can cut up to 75% of the water formerly used to maintain those areas.

Wipe out weeds. In times of drought, every drop of water counts. More than ever, weeds are the landscape's persona non grata that will compete for the water other plants need. This is the year to pull, zap and eradicate weeds.

Brown ain't all bad. In the heat of the summer, we may see faded and brown lawns due to having less water. "Browning out" is a coping strategy for traditional bluegrass lawns under stress. They deal with the heat and less water by shutting down. Brown grass says the lawn has decided to go dormant until cooler temps return. Water when you can and know that brown really isn't so bad. Brown grass is smart grass.

Maximize microclimates. The south side of the house is typically warm and the north side is typically cool and shaded. The right plant in the right place saves both water and maintenance and produces plants that thrive because they love where they live.

Save Mother Nature's AC. Trees are the natural canopies that shade our homes, reduce energy costs, create fresh air and add curb appeal. The biggest financial investment in most landscapes, they provide many returns that keep our cities clean and cool. Reward their kindness by giving them adequate water and regular care that staves off insects and disease. That's the best way to hug a tree!

*Top ten landscape trends for 2013 reported by the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado.



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