Photos of cute dogs hanging out outside

3:39 PM, Jun 7, 2013   |    comments
  • My puppy Sam, in his backyard. Submitted By:Julie from: Firestone
  • Gypsy Submitted By:Leslie from: Westminster, COlorado
  • Playing tag! Submitted By:Cloris from: Thornton, co
  • Go outdoors! and come and visit the Wild Animals at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. Submitted By:Monica from: The Wild Animal Sanctuary
  • My 3 year old Abby on sentry duty enjoying the warmer weather Submitted By:Connie from: Broomfield
  • Bowen Submitted By:Janet from: Fort Lupton
  • Blade Submitted By:Janet from: Fort Lupton
  • Skye likes to get together with her friends at The Barnyard for a day of play. Submitted By:Cynthia from: Carbondale, CO
  • Skye likes to lay in her pool and blow bubble! (Can you see the bubbles?). Anything to keep a Husky cool in the summer. Submitted By:Cynthia from: New Castle, CO
  • Submitted By:Luke from:
  • Romeo the Westiepoo was caught in a photo from a window nestled between two plants on a patio table. Naughty boy. Submitted By:Marie from: backyard deck on 6/4/13
  • Skye likes to lay in the fountain at Vail Village. Ssshhh, don't tell her that they now have a sign that says 'no dogs' Submitted By:Cynthia from: Vail, CO
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KUSA - Tomorrow is National Get Outdoors day, and there's no better partner for hanging outside than your dog. Here's are some cute pics of 9NEWS viewers and employees' outdoorsy dogs.

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