Tuesday marks National Hot Dog Day

9:04 AM, Jul 23, 2013   |    comments
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BOULDER - Steve Ballas of Steve's Snappin Dogs visited 9NEWS Tuesday morning in honor of National Hot Dog Day.

Ballas began his career with the Monroe Volunteer Fire Department in Connecticut in 1967. The town of Monroe has five hot dog/hamburger stands and no McDonald's or Burger Kings.

Ballas moved to Boulder in 1978 with a family friend. He worked as a deputy sheriff with Boulder County and then got a job at Boulder Broker Inn. He later married Blinky the Clown's daughter Linda Scott. He opened Steve's Snapping Dogs in 2006.


  • The word "frankfurter" comes from Frankfurt, Germany - pork sausages similar to hot dogs originated.
  • Around 1870 on Coney Island, German immigrant Charles Feltman began selling sausages in rolls.
  • Hot dog bun invented by German wife Antonoine Feuchtwanger who sold hot dogs on streets of St. Louis in 1880 because his customers kept taking white gloves handed to them for eating without burning their hands.
  • Association with hot dogs and baseball began as early at 1893 with Chris von der Ahe, German immigrant who owned St. Louis Browns and Amusement Park.
  • Another claim of inventing the hot dog is told by Harry M. Stevens, an American sports concessionaire whose vendors sold German sausages and rolls to spectators at the old New York Polo Grounds during the winter. He called them Dachshund sandwiches, but a New York Post cartoonist "couldn't spell dachshund, so when he drew the cartoon, he called them hot dogs.
  • 7-Eleven sells most grilled hot dogs in North America - about 100 million a year.
  • The world's longest hot dog 60 meters (197 feet) and was made in tokyo, Japan in 2006.

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